Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

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Fun Things To Do In Zelda Breath of the Wild

// Use A Korok Leaf To Propel A Raft

Fairly self-explanatory, there are a number of direct ties to 2002’s Wind Waker both across the story and in-game mechanics – one of the biggest being the idea of using Korok Leaves to weaponise the wind.

It’s a good idea to keep one of these on you at all times, as you never know when you’d like to air-blast a Bokoblin off a cliff or waft some flames into the path of another enemy. However, next to many riverside camps, you’ll occasionally find small rafts tied up with rope. Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

Simply use your sword to sever the rope, hop on and blast the sail with your Korok Leaf – you’ll be getting your Wind Waker sea legs back in seconds.

// Tame, Customise & Summon A Horse

Not since Red Dead Redemption has horse-taming and riding been so much fun.

To get your very own trusty steed, first you need to sneak up (click the left stick) on one and mount it. Almost all horses will attempt to buck you off, but through a combination of hitting L to ‘Sooth’ and eating stamina-restoring meals/elixirs, you should be able to survive being thrown to the ground. Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

From here, you’ll want to continually reward your horse with repeated soothings almost every time it does what you want – especially if you’ve landed a nag that keeps running the wrong way. Even if it goes right when you hit right, prod L and intimate “Good job”. Doing so raises your Bond, MGS V-style, and will make the horse far more reliable, even in combat.

Now take your stallion to a Stable, talk to whoever’s at the front and you’ll be able to name your horse, buy a saddle for it, and even customise some additional features.

Lastly, tap down on the D-Pad to call your horse whenever you’re in need – just be aware that if you haven’t done the previous steps, there’s every chance it will just ignore you. Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

// Expand Your Inventory Slots

A crucial component the more high-level equipment you start accruing across the game, your base inventory in Breath of the Wild is fairly limited at the beginning, only holding 10 slots for both melee and ranged weapons.

To expand this one tile at a time, seek out Hetsu the loveable maraca-shaking Korok (first found past the Shrine at Kakariko Village, and then in Korok Forest). Just give him any Korok Seeds you’ve acquired on your travels – found by interacting with ‘out of place’-looking parts of the environment to reveal the creatures themselves – and you can pick which of your inventory columns to expand.

To elaborate on Seed locations, you might see a triangle of boulders with one missing, for example, where making the shape up with another rock produces a Korok, or you might find a small pinwheel spinning in the breeze atop a rock. Stand next to this to trigger a shooting mini-game, again resulting in a Korok.

There are 900 of the little guys and gals dotted everywhere – some in plain sight – across Hyrule, so explore and tinker to your heart’s content. Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

// Make Floating Bombs (Or Levitate Anything)

One of Zelda’s oldest enemies is making yet another appearance, yet now the Octoroks have an all-new, uber cool MGS V-inspired purpose: Levitation.

Take these things down and hang onto the parts you’ll pick up. They’re called Octo Balloons for good reason, as just highlight and hit ‘Hold’ from your inventory, and you can attach it to anything in the environment once back in the game. princess peach doll

My recommendation is combining a balloon with one of the two bombs you can conjure, then nab a Korok Leaf and blow a couple over an enemy encampment. Zelda Breath of the Wild Case

They’ll never see it coming.

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