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Toon Link Plush

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4 Things You Never Knew About Link

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1. What’s In A Name?

Have you ever thought about why Link is called… Link? I mean half of us probably named him after ourselves or even a curse word, but the actual origins of Link’s name are pretty cool. Apparently, back in the concept phase, the Triforce was instead going to be made of electronic chips. It would still have the time travel we all know and love and the main character would be the link between them. It’s also useful when coming up with snappy titles. A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, they certainly get their use out of it.

Here’s another little fun fact about names, Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald! Although considering how that marriage went down…

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2. Alternate Timelines

With so many games out there, it can get confusing as to what’s taking place and when. But the creator has said that they do have a kind of show bible for the game, with how the games all fit together, as they want to keep the games focused on being good games, before worrying about how it all fits together. Toon Link Plush

The first games in the series actually take place towards the end of the timeline that we’ve seen in the past twenty years, with Skyward Sword being at the very beginning. The huge turning point, and where we get into alternate timelines, is with Ocarina of Time. That is where the timeline splits between victorious Link, who has defeated Ganon and saved the day, and the one in which Link fails and Ganon takes over. Although when you throw in Ravio from Link Between Worlds and an entire dark world to worry about it, does get pretty jumbled. Toon Link Plush

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3. Southpaw

Surprisingly enough, for almost every game, Link is actually left-handed! The only time they’ve changed this is for the Wii version of Twilight Princess, which is a mirrored copy of the GamCcube version, so that it matches the more popular dominant hand. So, that was due more to ease the player than the fact that more often than not, Link is left-handed.

I was thinking this probably has a lot to do with sword-fighting and how it is much harder to fight a left-handed person (I fenced for a while and as a right-handed person I dreaded fencing a leftie). But in actuality, it’s most likely because Miyamoto, the creator, is a leftie! Toon Link Plush

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4. I Do Believe In Hyrulians, I Do, I Do!

When you look at Link, you might think he looks surprisingly similar to a Disney character we all know and love. That’s right, Link was modeled after the Disney version of Peter Pan! Which I guess makes Navi Tinkerbell, right? Too bad Navi couldn’t be more useful than just yelling, “Hey Listen!” (Protip: set that as your ringtone and watch everyone lose it). Super Mario Cuddly Toys Toon Link Plush

When Miyamoto was creating Link, he wanted a character as easily recognizable and iconic as Mario. Which is why they went in the direction of the solid green, pointy hat and elven ears. Although they did diverge later when giving Link the blond hair, in the earlier versions, he had brownish-red hair, looking even more like Peter Pan. When creating an icon, I guess it makes sense to go with the people known for their iconic characters. And hey! At least The Hero of Time doesn’t look like Mickey Mouse! Toon Link Plush


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