Super Mario Wario Figure Nintendo Action Figure Toy



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Super Mario Wario Figure

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9 Thing You Never Knew About Super Mario Odyssey

Hitting a Cactus with your hat gives you a coin, but if you see a group of them, you can hit one of them just right to create a domino effect, which earns you bonus coins. Super Mario Wario Figure

If you bounce on the Odyssey’s globe, you’ll hear a music box-version of the Cascade Falls theme. If you do this after completing the main mission in New Donk City, it’ll switch to Jump Up, Super Star.

When throwing Mario’s hat using the Joy-Con, Mario will spin a different way depending on whether you flick the right one or the left one. Super Mario Wario Figure

The front door isn’t the only way to enter the Odyssey. You can enter through the roof hatch, or even the tail pipe.

There are a handful of musical Easter Eggs in just the Metro Kingdom alone. The music in the game room is the same music from the secret card games found in Super Mario Bros. 3. When you start an RC race, you’ll be treated to music from Super Mario Kart. A rooftop pool area has a boombox that plays the first level music from Super Mario World, and if you hit the boombox with your hat, it switches to the Japanese version of Jump Up, Super Star. Finally, in the Town Hall, the band plays the classic World 1-1 music from the original Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Wario Figure Legend of Zelda Stuffed Animal

If you run Mario’s face into a cactus on the Sand Kingdom stage, he will have cactus needles sticking from his nose.

When Mario gets a regular moon, he uses one of three hand gestures that reference previous Mario games. He’ll either throw a peace sign from Mario 64, an open palm from Mario Sunshine, or a closed fist from Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Wario Figure

Almost every outfit Mario wears is a reference to something in Mario’s past, whether it’s really old Super Game Boy commercials, games Mario has once appeared in, or even wacky 3DS ads.

Every time Mario Takes part in a mini-game such as jump roping or volleyball, a tiny picture of Mr. Game and Watch accompanies it, representing that challenge. Super Mario Wario Figure


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