Masamune Izumi Nendoroid Anime Action Figure Toys Izumi


Masamune Izumi Nendoroid


Size: 10cm approx.

Material: PVC



Masamune Izumi Nendoroid – Eromanga Sensei (エロマンガ先生) is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Fushimi and illustrated by Hiro Kanzaki. ASCII Media Works has published nine volumes in the series under their Dengeki Bunko imprint since December 2013. A manga adaptation illustrated by Rin began serialization in Dengeki Daioh in May 2014. An anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures aired from April to June 2017. Masamune Izumi Nendoroid

The story centers around high school student Masamune Izumi who loves writing light novels. Having no artistic skill himself, Masamune always gets his novels illustrated by an anonymous partner using the pen name “Eromanga Sensei”, who is known for drawing questionably perverted images despite being extremely reliable. In addition to balancing his passion and school, Masamune is also stuck with taking care of his only family member—his younger step-sister Sagiri Izumi. A hikikomori by nature, Sagiri shut herself in her room for over a year and constantly bosses Masamune around despite his attempts to get her to leave her room. However, when Masamune inadvertently discovers that his anonymous partner has been Sagiri all along, their sibling relationship quickly leaps to new levels of excitement, especially when a beautiful, female, best-selling shōjo manga author enters the fray. Masamune Izumi Nendoroid
Sagiri Izumi

The heroine of the series and the titular Eromanga Sensei, she is a 12-year-old first-year junior high school student. She is a hikikomori who never leaves her room, even to eat, instead relying on her step brother to bring food to her room. She later starts inviting her brother into her room and opens up more to the world, even venturing outside the boundaries of her room. Even though Masamune and several other people know that she is “Eromanga Sensei”, she always stalls the conversation by saying she does not know someone of that name. Masamune Izumi Nendoroid

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