Maki Nishikino Nendoroid

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Maki Nishikino Nendoroid



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Maki Nishikino Nendoroid – Maki Nishikino is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a first-year at Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is red. She is a member of BiBi, a sub-unit under µ’s.

Maki comes from a wealthy family of doctors, and is somewhat pressured to become a doctor, like her parents, which would lead her into giving up music, which causes her to refuse to join µ’s at first. Maki Nishikino Nendoroid

Because of Maki’s wealth, it is discovered in Season 1 Episode 10 that her parents own a beach house. Therefore, μ’s gladly insisted that Maki should go and ask her parents if they could use it, which they allow. In Season 2 Episode 2, it is revealed that her family also owns a vacation house in the mountains. Maki Nishikino Nendoroid

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Maki has the qualities of a tsundere, and she has a hard time admitting her true feelings to her peers. She also has somewhat childish beliefs, as demonstrated by the group finding out that she still believes in Santa Claus. Maki Nishikino Nendoroid

Maki is also quite stubborn. This was shown when she was invited to play at the beach, as she was withdrawn from the group and not interested in playing with them.

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Maki was initially portrayed as a loner in the first few episodes, and spent her time alone in the music room.

Maki is skilled at playing the piano, and is the composer of µ’s. She is also their vocal coach. Her other hobbies are photography and stargazing. Her special skill is achieving full marks on tests. She also became the Idol Research Club’s vice president after the third-years graduated. Maki Nishikino Nendoroid

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