Iron Man Teddy Bear

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9 Things You Never Knew About Iron Man

1/ Tony Stark is based on Howard Hughes.
Jack Kirby and Stan Lee based their character Tony Stark on the playboy millionaire Howard Hughes. Coincidentally, Tony Stark’s father’s name is Howard Stark.

2/ J.A.R.V.I.S. has a not so clever name
In Iron Man, JARVIS acts as Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence, helping him navigate the complexities of the suit. You might think the anagram would be something intelligent sounding, but instead, all it stands for is, “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” Iron Man Teddy Bear

3/ Tony graduated with a Master’s from MIT at the age of 17
Tony Stark was always a boy genius; at the age of 15, he entered MIT and left at 17 with a Master’s degree in chemical engineering.

4/ Tony Stark owns Area 51
Area 51 is the mysterious government base where conspiracy theorists think experiments have been done on extraterrestrials. Well, in the Iron Man comics, the base is eventually abandoned and Tony Stark buys it to store the Reality Gem. Iron Man Teddy Bear

5/ The Iron Man suit once had a nose
In the mid-70’s, legendary comic creator Stan Lee asked why Iron Man didn’t have a nose and required he start having one. Then, years later, Stan Lee went back on his decision and told them to remove it.

6/ Tony Stark was trained by Captain America
In the comics, Tony Stark requested to be trained by Captain America so that he could still be useful if he didn’t have his Iron Man suit available. He turned out to be quite the fighting force afterward.

7/ Tony Stark is an alcoholic
If you watched the movies, you wouldn’t notice it, but the character Tony Stark is a bit of an alcoholic. In the comics, it’s plain as day especially with titles like, “Demon in a Bottle!” Iron Man Teddy Bear Toon link plush

8/ There are 53 different Iron Man suits
Tony Stark is constantly upgrading and optimizing his Iron Man suits. In the comic book universe, he’s made roughly 53 different suits. He’s also made a “rescue suit” for Pepper Potts.

9/ Iron Man joined Guardians of the Galaxy
We all know Iron Man builds the Avengers to defend the Earth. But in the comics, Iron Man later teams up with the Guardians of the Galaxy because of his curiosity for other technologies and what’s going on in the galaxy. Whether or not he does the same thing in the cinematic universe has yet to be seen. Iron Man Teddy Bear

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