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Fate Stay Night Nendoroid



Fate Stay Night Nendoroid – Saber‘s full name is Altria Pendragon a character inspired by the legends of King Arthur. At her nativity, Uther decides to not publicly announce Altria’s birth or gender, fearing his subjects will never accept a woman as a legitimate ruler. She is entrusted by Merlin to a loyal knight, Sir Ector, who raises her as a surrogate son.

When Altria is fifteen, King Uther dies leaving no known eligible heir to the throne. Britain enters a period of turmoil following the growing threat of invasion by the Saxons. Merlin soon approaches Altria, explaining that the British people will recognize her as a destined ruler if she draws Caliburn, a ceremonial sword embedded in a large slab of stone. Fate Stay Night Nendoroid However, pulling this sword is symbolic of accepting the hardships of a monarch, and Altria will be responsible for preserving the welfare of her people. Without hesitation and despite her gender, she draws Caliburn and shoulders Britain’s mantle of leadership.

Altria rules Britain from her stronghold in Camelot and earns the reputation of a just, yet distant king. Under the guidance of Merlin and with the aid of her Knights of the Round Table, she guides Britain into an era of prosperity and tranquillity. Fate Stay Night Nendoroid Caliburn is destroyed, but Altria soon acquires her holy sword, Excalibur, and Avalon, Excalibur’s blessed sheath, from Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. While Avalon is in her possession, Altria never ages and is immortal in battle.

Despite her immense strength and fighting abilities, Altria is plagued by feelings of guilt and inferiority throughout her reign; she sacrifices her emotions for the good of Britain, yet many of her subjects and knights become critical of her lack of humanity and cold calculation. Fate Stay Night Nendoroid Excalibur’s scabbard is stolen while she repels an assault along her country’s borders; when Altria returns inland, she discovers Britain is being torn asunder by civil unrest. Despite her valiant efforts to placate the dissent, Altria is mortally wounded by a traitorous knight, a homunculus born of her blood named Mordred, during the Battle of Camlann. Her dying body is escorted to a holy isle by Morgan le Fay and Sir Bedivere. Altria orders a grieving Bedivere to dispose of Excalibur by throwing it back to Vivian; in her absence, she reflects on her personal failures, regretting her life as king. Fate Stay Night Nendoroid Before her last breath, she appeals to the world; in exchange for services as a Heroic Spirit, she asks to be given an opportunity to relive her life, where someone more suitable and effective would lead Britain in her stead. Fate Stay Night Nendoroid

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